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Spring 2016 Edition

Smart Windows may be the new
Appliance of the Future

Unless it’s time to clean them or time to buy new ones, most homeowners don’t give much thought to their windows. But several new technologies may change that.

Chromogenics is a process that uses special glazing on glass to control the amount of light that is allowed to pass through. It could be combined with electrochromics (materials that react to electricity) to allow consumers to control the transparency of the glass. The two processes would work together like this: liquid crystals, quartz and other materials would be sandwiched between sheets of glazing. In their natural state, the materials would be visible, giving the window a tinted or frosted look. Apply electricity, however, and the materials become invisible, making the glass transparent.

Similarly, thermochromic materials would react to temperature changes, and photochromic materials to light. (Photochromic technology is already being used in sunglasses that darken in the light.)

Smart windows can save energy by reducing solar heat gain on warm days while allowing it on cold days. They will probably be available for residential use in another 5-10 years and are expected to cost twice as much as conventional glass.




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